Mark Cousins is a multi-faceted musician with over 15 years of experience within the electronic music sector. Having a background writing lyrics and songs in indie bands and then transitioning to dance music production, Mark has a love of fusing them both together to create big sounds with a melodic feel.

For the past several years Mark has been developing his production and sound design skills to achieve a sharp and authentic imprint within the music scene. Alongside writing dance music, Mark has been approached by companies to create music written to a brief as well as remixing other artist's tracks, all of which he has mixed and mastered to specific requirements and to an extremely high standard.

'I'm hoping that you're here because you'd like an awesome piece of music written for your company or brand, if so please have a listen to the examples here to see what I can offer. Although my background consists mostly of dance music production - I love beats, bass, big sounds and deep melodies - I strive for clarity, impact and precision with any piece of music I make.

I know music can evoke the whole spectrum of human emotion and how necessary it is in every aspect of our lives, which is why I've been making it for so long and still love doing it. I am available to write music for film, games, adverts, radio and anything in between. Please feel free to drop me a message via the contact form below if you have any projects you feel I can help you with.'

  • Music to Visuals

  • Songwriting

  • Sound Design

  • Fully Equipped Studio